Oslo Sagan                             

Moving to Norway.

So why Oslo ? Well it started with having hips specially one, the right one that had been playing up for some months and had made it hard to sit for 8 classes of yoga a week. It got a little better with the summer holidays not doing so much yoga and also not sitting in a car for 60 km a day.

It continued with that after coming back from Australia and summer holidays to the country house in the end of august last year, the house, the countryside, did not feel right any longer.

So my body was saying CHANGE. My way of living alone in the forest was saying CHANGE but it was not an easy decision cause I had loved my yoga and my way of living in solitude by the lakes, in the forest all those years.

But it was obvious time for something new.

But then came the question so what, so where??

To have a close friend that gets goose bumps when something is right is such a blessing to have and I have one of those so I called her. I told that I was questioning my country life, my yoga, Växjö, Hälsocentret. Hm... she said. "Haven't you wanted to live in Italy, maybe near the sea?"- Yes before but no not now I replied. Ok but I see some kind of big water but I don't know where that could be? then it was me to say Hm... and then it came IT IS OSLO!!! and she said Yeeeees!!! Now I get goosebumps" So we both knew that it was the right decision. So there in the car talking with my friend it was decided. It was Oslo I should move to. What I should do there I had no idea about but the prompting to go was there and so the journey had begun.

Since I started 1998 of sharing my passion for yoga and meditation and inner personal release work I have loved every one of them, always saying oh this class was wonderful and it went on like that for 20 years so it took the whole autumn to be ready for that dreadful day to say goodbye.

I had for years prepared Anna that the day when I will leave it was she that was my successor, like the Zen masters say, many times she had said Yes I want to maybe, but I am not ready. And good for I was not ready either but when this october came and I again met her and asked. Are you ready now Anna ? because now it is time for me to go and she responded. How wonderful because I feel I am ready for this now. So we slowly and gracefully moved towards this shift during the autumn. I knew this was the right teacher and now she is very appreciated and loved. I am so grateful that I have been able to leave and create that the classes could go on for those that loves the kundalini yoga.

Is it not just amazing that when we trust life, universe, God everything falls into place. We are so taken care of when we don't stand in the way of our own light.

It is then we can hear the inner voice and follow that.

It felt so right even if many tears where shed for all my dear, dear lovely, sweet yoga friends that had been long with me, many for over 10 years, a few for 15 years and 1 for 19 years.

I got many- "we will miss you but waoo! so brave, so good that you do this" This was wonderful to hear and it really helped.

It took the whole autumn to christmas to give away, through away, store away and in the end my volkswagen combo was packed with that amount of boxes it could take and what a women in her best age is needing for an adventure in Norway.

All was done. Christmas and new year was celebrated with the family and so it was time for the journey to continue. The only thing I knew at that time was that I was going to live in Oslo, where I did not know. I just had an idea that I was going to do a mindfulness instructor course for 14 months starting in february. So far so good.

Me and my fully packed car drives off the 3 of january 2018. I have one address, one friend to a friend where I can sleep a few nights in Oslo. I have 4 days in Oslo before I was going to drive to gothenburg to fly to singapore for a holiday with my son and granddaughter. In these days I had to find a room to the first of february when I would come back from the holiday. I thought 4 days that will give me 96 hours that is plenty of time. This will be very interesting.

Full of confidence and totally trusting I drive off into the unknown that somewhere is known even if we do not know that we know. A bit foggy but for me true enough.

I do love driving but after 400 km winter starts big times. It is 100 km from Oslo and I had to find a hotel to stay the night. It was just to much snow coming down. That was a good decision because I was getting good tired.

The day after I come to last outpost before Norway so I bulk up with lots of food.

Past the border a police car with lots of lights blinking stops me. You got a lot of things with you she says. Yes, I am going to stay for a while. I am a yoga teacher bla, bla, bla, don't know what I said but I could continue my journey without them going through all my things Puiii!!!

Then at last I drove into Oslo and it was such a strong feeling of happiness to come to this town. Thank God for google maps I could easily follow and came to the women Helga and her daughter Frida and here I was received with such generosity and sweetness.

Nordic guesthouse I had found quiet early on but I was not sure about their flats, wanted to check it out first so I did some driving round the Frogner area day 1 and then I contacted them day 2. They had one room free for the first of february I went to see the room and even if it was not my dream place i decided to start with this I did not have so many options the because most flats or communities want 3 months deposit. that I did not have. So it was plenty of time those 4 days. All went perfect. I could put all the boxes in Helga´s cellar and off I went to Gothenburg to my lovely daughter and her boyfriend. One day after I am on the plane to Singapore then Sumatra then Australia then Singapore and then again Gothenburg for a few days. The 9 of february I am back in Oslo and begun my life here.

My name is now Joy, got that name in a meditation in the temple on the golden site in Crete last summer and now living in a new country it is easier to change ones name.

I am not going to mindfulness courses. I will teach mindfulness myself instead. I don't know really yet how and where the new concept that I have created will be presented here in Oslo. But I have started to have some interesting contacts so it will be lovely to see the project enfold here.

So I keep following the inner promptings like following a sweet scent and it is such delight not knowing just doing joyfully what needs to be done. Step by step breath by breath staying here and now.