The Art of Joy

 Events at All Saints Center

    Mindfulness, Meditation & Conscious Communication

         An inner adventure to the fragrance of your heart, where stillness abides.

Joy has been teaching yoga and mindfulness meditation in Sweden for 20 years and been practicing meditation för 46 years.

3 Tuesdays 18.30-20.00  23/4-7/5.  3 Thursdays  10.00-11.30  25/4-9/5 
1. In the midst of now.

2.The power of acceptance.

3. The whisper of the heart.

Cost: 9 pounds per class. If you want to come all 3 you pay 24 pounds 
Address: The All Saints Center, Friars Walk, Lewes 

Contact: +46735142600 


We practice attentive attendance with what we do, think and feel. This creates a rare peace and quiet within us. We train breathing, relaxation, and guided meditations, This nourishes and strengthens our original enthusiasm, playfulness, and joy. 

With practice, mindfulness-meditation becomes part of our everyday life.



               Summer Retreats 2019 in Sweden.

The divine feminine. June 21-23.  Focus - Creative communication 

                                         Inspiration, self-realization, emotional clarity.
      Divine feminine energy is the goddess energy within. It's the energy of flow, of being, of intuition. Every human, regardless of gender, has both divine feminine (moon, ying) and divine masculine (solar, yang) energy within them.  

                   The Fragrance of the Heart. August 9-11. Focus - Creativity

                       Imagination, New Beginning, Expansion, Spontaneity, Improvisation. 

                                 Leaving the unimportant in favor of what brings joy to life. 

                 Golden stillness. 6-8 September. Focus - Mindfulness 

                                Presence, Internal Equilibrium, Meditation, Relaxation. Attentive                                                               attendance with what we do, think and feel.

         "When I accept myself fully as I am, the happiness, which is actually always available,                              can shine in my mind and I can freely enjoy life as it is" Akasha.

Find your inner power. 

This year's retreats are about embracing and accepting ourselves as we are. We release criticism and judgment and are inspired to discover that we are much more than we suppose. A journey that begins in our interior and thereby changes our world, our relationships and our way of communicating with ourselves and others. 

We meditate, laugh, walk, create. We are inspired by the joy of the present. 

A weekend that fills us with the very best. Wonderful nature, beautiful, nutritious, vegetarian food. Comfortable guided meditations and relaxation and a variety of instructive exercises. We have time to be in silence which is an appreciated part of the retreat. During the retreat, we also have our own time to rest, relax and enjoy the silence and the community at the Ananda Mandala. 

Our dreams of finding harmony, peace and more love begin within us where our inner divinity exists. This force is usually hidden because it has been hampered for thousands of years by religion and cultural behaviors, such as dogmatic, dualistic and separating perceptions. Getting to know this inner force is simply expressed to come home and find confidence in the individualized God power within us. God is not a force beyond us that does not decides upon us. This idea has made us unable and inhibited us to believe in ourselves. Instead, we focus on the experience of the greater in ourselves which is in tune with everything that is created. We can call it Greater Life, Consciousness, or God, what suits one best. 

By finding silence through the meditation (we use different ways to meditate on in silence, guided, in motion, in artistic expression) we build a bridge to the inner. The communication within us becomes more restful and quiet, thoughts do not fly uncontrollably, thereby the communicating with others are less colored by confusion, egoism and fear. Gratitude, joy and creativity comes by itself through meditation and the inner positive dialogue.  

We become more true to ourselves and others. We change conflicts to honest conversations that teach us to reflect instead of reacting. The feeling of being separated, scared and insecure disappears more and more as the inner space grows out of meditation and contemplation.

Let the most exiting adventure begin.

         Perhaps you are about to discover your true strength. The beauty you see in others is                                              a beauty that you have within yourself.


The retreat begins 2 weeks before we meet at Ananda Mandala. I send you two exercises that you get by mail. The first two weeks before the retreat, the second one week before the retreat.

The exercises make your intention with the retreat clearer. There may be things you want to lift up, understand better or clear out of your consciousness. These inspirational exercises warms you up, opens you so the retreat can go deeper. 

We will be a maximum 8 participants which is a good number in terms of energy. It provides space, time and energy and support for everyone's personal inner journey.

                                                  What you feel you make real. 

Content of the retreat: 

In all three retreats you will get to take part in all four parts but more hours are given to the special focus that the retreat has. 


We practice breathing techniques (pranayama), relaxation, guided meditations and attentive attendance with what we do, think and feel. This creates a rare peace and quiet within us. With practice, the mindfulness meditation becomes part of our everyday life. 

2. Conscious Movement: 

Meditative Dance, Easy Kundalini Yoga, Active Movement Meditations. Conscious movement nourishes and strengthens our original enthusiasm, playfulness and joy. 

3.Creative Communication: 

We practice the "Conscious conversation" where we learn to express ourselves from the heart. We practice expressing ourselves from our essence which is the better / divine self within us. We practice finding the balance between giving and receiving. This means that in a clearer and clearer way we can set boundaries and communicate with ourselves and others. We learn to understand how we can change inward habits and patterns and find qualities of acceptance love and strength within us. We practice giving away the unimportant in favor of what brings joy to life. 


We create freely with color, shape and words. Vedic art is a meditative way of painting, short taken "to let the painting become more spontaneous than imagined." The old Veda teaching explains that all the knowledge needed to create is already present in ourselves. 

 Creativity nourishes the feeling of being here and now. This is for many a fun and easy way into meditation.

Ananda mandala

The course center Ananda Mandala is a place where silence is far away from the city's stress. Here is the nature reserve with "old forest", the lake with the canoes. 

Here you find it by the heated sauna, the beautiful yoga room and the healthy air. 

We can enjoy good vegetarian food and stay in multiple bed rooms or double rooms, if space is available single rooms can be arranged.

 We will be in silence at certain times and be able to just be. Maybe in a hammock, out on the lake, in a canoe, by a tree in the forest or by the singing rapids.

Weekend Program

Friday Introduction 14 -15 
Afternoon session. 15-18  

Dinner 18 

After the food, it is wood-fired sauna. Evening meditation 20.30 

Saturday Morning walk 6.30-7. 15 (optional) 

Morning Pass 7.30-9.15 
Breakfast 9.15 
Morning pass 11.15-13 
Lunch 13 
Afternoon pass 15.00-18
Dinner 18 

After the food, it is wood-fired sauna. Evening meditation 20.30 

Sunday Morning walk 6.30-7.15 (optional) 
Morning Pass 7.30-9.15 
Breakfast 9.15 Morning Pass 11.15-12.45 
Lunch 12.45 
Closing 15.45-17.45 
All times are about times and can be changed. 
Digital detox: Mobiles are turned off and put away during the weekend. We only use them in an emergency. 

Retreat: 175 pounds

(plus CD with guided meditation and relaxation.) 

Food & lodging. 150 pounds

When registering, please state if you are allergic to any food. 

Max 8 pcs  

Teacher: Joy Cameron Bohlin.