About Joy

                                        My search for inner balance and peace.

I started my spiritual search when I was 17 years old. I found a yoga book in a bookstore on my way to England that became a life changer. Since then I have relentlessly sought my inner self. I have taken countless courses in personal development and training in therapy, yoga, and meditation, and still do.

I have gone through life and experienced many sorrows and many joys. The personal/empowerment training and the Yoga and Meditation practice has been a pillar of support when it has been difficult. 

Being open to change is an art that can be consciously practiced. We decide for ourselves if we want to learn from our experiences and see that the difficulties were also what made us better people. To be able to forgive and see that everything has a higher meaning and then have the opportunity to move on gives a feeling of freedom. 

Gratitude and humor make us more empathetic to life's ups and downs.  It is not always easy to walk the path toward your own inner true self/essence. But if you have the curiosity and courage to embark on this adventure, you will find a longing, a power that takes you into a stillness that brings a deep joy that is there without the influence of external circumstances. 

That stillness and joy carry us to dare to be our own person, dare to be unique, and dare to shine the light and love (that universal power that always has existed within us) to ourselves and others.

Everything comes from imagination that has been blended with passion and then manifested in the physical world.

Therefore I treasure joy/ laughter, curiosity, spontaneity, and imagination in my courses and retreats.

Communicating with Loving Awareness is another of my practices daily and therefore a dear subject in my work.

I am a trained Kundalini yoga teacher and life coach. For 24 years I have led many yoga courses and retreats to inspire a more healthy, happy, and mindful life. 

The yoga and meditation lifestyle has helped me to come closer to my inner core, that inner eternal power that never goes away no matter what happens on the outside. I have also become better at listening to my inner promptings and seeing new possibilities. I have learned to say YES accept the challenges in life better and not let them lead me astray to negativity. Instead being thankful for the teaching they have given me.

I am truly grateful that I found that yoga book in 1972 and that I kept my practice for all this time. I´m grateful for all of you that has participated in my courses and retreats through all these years that have given me the possibility to share my passion for personal growth, yoga, and meditation. And I am looking forward to meeting You who now is reading these words.

With love




Internationally Certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Drama teacher training at the New drama school in Copenhagen.

Dipl.Osho conversation therapist training

Dipl The journey/regression therapist, Brandon Bays

Dipl. Nlp therapist, Anders Wallin

Courses in "The Work / Byron" Katie

Courses in health information / biological medicine

Courses in releasing Dance and Psychodrama.

Art course at Folkhögskola. (Ceramics / painting / sculpting) Carpenter Education.

Worked as/with.

Kundaliniyogalärare for 20 years in Växjö, Sweden

Theater teacher at Upper Secondary School and Waldorf School in Växjö.

Theater Improvisation courses / Copenhagen.

Therapist-Coach- Counselling/

Leaders of Meditation & Relaxation Leadership Training. Course leader at Ängsbacka course farm.

Travel guide in Scandinavia / Russia with American guests.

Started the health food store and health center.

Teacher in vegetarian cooking.

Vegetarian Chef at Courses.

Organic self-sufficiency / cultivation / herbal knowledge / plant dyeing / Weaving / etc (Green Wave-A Sustainability Concept)

Wooden crafts teacher.

Swedish / English teacher in compulsory school SFI (Swedish for immigrants) teacher.

Mother of 2 children.